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American Society for Deaf Children
Hello Monday

We created this tool to make it easier for deaf children and their parents to learn the ABC in American Sign Language. Fingerspelling.

Since 1967, the American Society for Deaf Children has been supporting parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. We believe that deafness is not a disability, but language deprivation is. That’s why it’s our mission to ensure that every deaf child can learn sign language from the very start.

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Hand Tracking by MediaPipe Hands.
Are you left or right handed?
Choose the hand you want to use for fingerspelling.
You should use your dominant hand.
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To get started
Place your hand, so it's visible on the screen
Show your hand so its visible on the image
Turn your hand to the side
Turn your hand so it faces down
Turn your hand so it faces up
← To repeat the letter - move your hand left or right →
Spell the word
Word 1 of 10 in this level
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You can try the words again - and see how many points you can get. Or move on to the next level - where we will add more letters to your fingerspelling vocabulary.
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Level 1
Get ready to learn the letters: A,B,C,E,L,O,V,W,U,Y.

When you start the game, look at the hand and copy the handshape with your own hand.
Turn on Webcam
Learn the ABC in American Sign Language
With machine learning
Let's go
This game will be using your webcam and machine learning to analyze your handshapes. Everything is processed locally and no webcam data will be sent or stored anywhere